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MetroPaper 1.7

Tonight I finished the latest set of updates to MetroPaper and submitted them to the marketplace. Here is a quick run down of the latest changes this update will bring:

Full Screen Reader

Not to much to say here, its off by default but if you’d like more article showing per page this mode hides the status bar and minimises the amount of space taken up by the menu.

Context Menu For List Delegates

List delegates now have a context menu attached to them which opens up when you long press on them.

New Options

There are a number of new options available, so now they’ve been split into 2 main sections – Sync and Article Settings.

The way in which articles are fetched when syncing can be changed between All Articles or Unread Only. The number of articles fetched each sync can also be changed from the default of 500 to 250, 100, 50 or 10.

Articles can now be set to be marked as read as soon as they’re opened – not a feature I’m a fan of but its something that has been asked of since I first made SymPaper. The font size can now be selected in a much more friendly way here instead of from the menu in the article page. The theme styles are the same with the addition of a new ‘Auto’ setting. Auto means that during the hours of 7am and 8pm the light theme is selected for articles but outside of those hours the dark theme is automatically selected.

Other Changes

As well as all these larger changes the following smaller ones have been made too:

The lag when switching between read modes has now been reduced significantly and shouldn’t be noticeable any more.

“Copy Url To Clipboard” has been added to the menu in the article viewer.
Added latest article info to the main live tile

Images are centre aligned and scaled up to maximize the available viewing space available

When syncing a single item the article title is now pre appended to the article

Character issues with non Latin chars in article titles have now (hopefully) been resolved

When pinned to the home screen, the default tile will show the latest unread article on the back of it

This update should be in the WP market place in just over a week  and ill update this post and be tweeting about it when it does!

MetroPaper 1.5

MetroPaper hasn’t been in the Windows Phone marketplace for long but I’ve had a good amount of positive feedback and feature requests for it, so much so that the Read It Later team have given me access to V3 of their API (currently I was using V2). Being thrilled at being given access I’ve spent almost all of my free time developing and testing the new features it brings and over the weekend I sent a new build with the following updates to the marketplace for approval:


The V3 api bring access to images and video in articles which should please everyone! However since flash isn’t supported in Windows Phone I’ve disabled videos being fetched otherwise an ugly place holder is displayed. For the meantime Images wont work offline and are pulled from the internet when an article is opened.

This behaviour can be disabled in the settings page which means just the plain text is displayed like in previous versions of MetroPaper.

Delete an article

The most requested feature for MetroPaper but strangely I cant remember it being asked for in SymPaper!

Improved List Delegates

List delegates are something I hated in previous builds of MetroPaper but I’m much happier with them now, where available the site host is displayed and a bar to the left can be used to to indicate whether the article is Read or Unread at a glance.

Other improvements

There are numerous bug fixes and optimisations that have been made in this build including (but not limited to) increased sync speed and improved search speed. The font size has also been reduced on the list pivot to increase the amount of space available for list delegates.

Whilst search speed has been improved it still needs a lot of work, to optimise its performance.

MetroPaper 1.5 is currently going through the app submission process and should appear in the Marketplace in the next few days!

Other Apps?

SymPaper (Symbian 3 Version) and MeePaper both will also receive the updates for images and the delete feature in time! (In fact I’ve already submitted an update to the Nokia Store for SymPaper adding the delete feature!)

MetroPaper – Read It Later for WP7

Finally my first Windows Phone 7 app has been published to the Windows Phone marketplace in the form of MetroPaper – A Read It Later Client for Windows Phone.

Moving from Symbian to Windows Phone hasn’t exactly been painless for me, since I relied on the apps that I’d made for Symbian fairly heavily in my day to day life.

Whilst there are apps for Read It Later and SimpleNote already in the WP market place I’d be lying if I said I liked them. So I did what every Software developer does when they don’t like something – made my own.

Any SymPaper user will find MetroPaper very similar, all SymPaper’s functionality has been duplicated here and I’m currently looking at getting my own version of image support working in this app which currently is looking quite promising. If I do get it to work the same idea should hopefully be backported to the Symbian and MeeGo versions.

This version of the App comes in paid for and trial flavours. Unlike the trial version of SymPaper, MetroPaper has no limitations its just a purely Ad supported version of the full App.

Get MetroPaper from the WP7 Marketplace now and let me know what you think on the App Page, via Email or on Twitter!